The Phone Call

The phone rings.

A static voice starts
to speak.

“We haven’t heard
your mother in the
last two days.”

“Have you seen


“Your stepfather
He hasn’t talked
to her either.”

He was in Florida
visiting his family
the holidays.

While she was
chowing down on


“I’ll try to find

What can I do?
My kids are with me,
there is no way
can take them
to her house.

Not when I already
know what

she’s done.

I call my brother
he’s at

I tell him about
the phone call.

We both know.

She thrives on

She was mad at
her husband for

The phone rings.

“I found her. The
ambulance is on its


For seventeen years I
took care of her.

When I was too

I left to live my own
life and came back,

married with children.

After her breakdown
I gave up my life


to take care of her.

Now that things had
gone back to normal,

she was at work,
things were supposed to

get better

now she was back
on a regular

path, she couldn’t have
that. She missed the


But what do I do?
I’ll have to go.
I’ll have to give
up my



I stand over

comatose body.


The nurse comes in.

“Her husband called.
He’s back from Florida.
He says he’s tired. He’s


While I stand over
my mother’s

comatose body.

K.M. McElhinny is writer and poet of the dark and the in between. She chased the white rabbit down the writing hole over a year ago and is not trying to find her way home. She has been published with Smidge Magazine and Flashes in the Dark.  Please visit her at her blog


8 Responses to “The Phone Call”

  1. Good job, Hinny…such a tough situation…giving up everything to help a parent who should be able to take care of themselves. I like the way you have that hint of considering letting her go…, but you don’t actually say it. This hits close to home…my father lives with me (I’ll say no more)

    Glad to see you are publishing your poetry now (GO, Hinny!)

    This one is a almost micro-fiction maybe prose poem. I like it.

  2. Good stuff, Kara. 🙂

  3. Thanks Ladies!!

  4. Excellent stuff, Hinny. It’s like an emotional punch to the heart. Way to go, girl.

  5. Thanks Effie!

  6. Brilliant and chilling.

  7. Wow, you’re rocking, Kara! Great job! Keep that creativity and momentum going!

  8. Thanks Lee, Ben and Effie!! 😀

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